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from the airport Route

Drive from the stop of "Airport" to the stop "Gagarin's square/Ploshad Gagarina" by fixed route taxi No. 93. Or drive from the stop of "Airport" to the stop "Voroshilov avenue/Voroshilovsky prospekt" by bus No. 226 or fixed route taxis No. 67, 85, 85а, 98. Also our administrators will kindly book a taxi with a discount for your arrival and you will comfortably and economically reach our hostel "Kit".

Buses: № 226

Fixed route taxis: No. 93, 67, 85, 85а, 98


Drive from the transport stop of  "Mainline Railway Station" to "TSGB" stop by bus No. 33. Or drive from transport stop "Mainline Railway Station" to the stop "Voroshilov avenue/Voroshilovsky prospekt" by bus No. 226 or fixed route taxis No. 29, 52, 55, 59, 80, 85а, 88, or trolleybus No. 5. Also our administrators will kindly book a taxi with a discount for your arrival and you will comfortably and economically reach our hostel "Kit".

Buses: No. 33, 22

Fixed route taxis: No. 29, 52, 55, 59, 80, 85а, 88

Trolleybus: No. 5


Drive from the transport stop of  "Mainline Railway Station" to "TSGB" stop by bus No. 33. Or drive from transport stop "Mainline Railway Station" to the stop "Voroshilov avenue/Voroshilovsky prospekt" by bus No. 226 or fixed route taxis No. 29, 52, 55, 59, 80, 85а, 88, or trolleybus No. 5. Also our administrators will kindly book a taxi with a discount for your arrival and you will comfortably and economically reach our hostel "Kit".

Buses: No. 33, 22

Fixed route taxis: No. 29, 52, 55, 59, 80, 85а, 88

Trolleybus: No. 5

Nearby attractions


Rostov-on-Don is the recognized South capital. And the South is sun, water, and a good mood! And to get them no need to go out of the city. 

H2O water park is the largest and most modern water complex of Don capital. A huge picturesque territory with indoor and outdoor pools, baths and saunas, spa procedures, water slides and attractions, cafes and shops – H2O water park is rich with all of it. 

If you became a guest of our city in a cold season, H2O water park will paint your impressions bright and give a piece of summer even in the fierce frost. Spa-zone and numerous steam baths will warm and help to relax to the full. And, of course, in any season you will like to gaze panorama of the city from bird flight height, lying in a warm pool. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, avenue Mikhail Nagibin, 34.

Telephone number: 8 (800) 100-99-93

Web-site: h2opark.ru

Working hours: From 10.00 to 22.00 daily. Without weekends and breaks. 

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The botanical garden of the Southern federal university is one of the largest gardens and most beautiful botanical gardens in the country. In dry steppe zone of the South of Russia the Botanical garden of SFU (earlier — RSU) is a real oasis of luxuriant vegetation and beautiful flowers. 

Samples of plant world from numerous places of Earth are widely represented here, system exhibitions and arboretums of tropics, subtropics, mountain, Far East zone and other ecological and climatic zones of the planet are created. Conservatories containing the incredible abundance of flowers and heat-loving plants are situated here. 

The botanical SFU garden is one of the usual rest places of Rostov inhabitants. Besides modest rest in picnic style in a forest and at the riverbank, a demanding tourist has something to look at here. In several minutes the guests can get from tropics into mountains, from there to steppe or Far Eastern forest, order an excursion and ride horses. Thanks to its uniqueness the Botanical SFU garden is recognized as a nature monument of regional significance. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don,  Botanichesky spusk street, 7. 

Telephone number: 8(863)2275721, 89081703965. 

Web-site: bg.sfedu.ru

Working hours: free entrance. Book of excursions and events — by the mentioned telephone numbers. 

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Rostov-on-Don is a flagship of trade and industry of the South. It becomes clear to the full after a visit to the main city show flat– the exhibition center "VertolExpo". 

Annually hundreds of exhibitions representing the best samples of goods, services and technologies from all the world are held here. Subjects of exhibitions are the most varied: from novelties of the wedding industry to the newest technology, from health to hunting and fishing. Everyone will find something interesting for himself and spend leisure with interest and use. Visitors of exhibition center "VertolExpo" assure that time here spins away. 

The trade mart of "VertolExpo" gathers under its roof prominent representatives of business community of the south capital. And so there is an excellent opportunity not only to spectacularly spend leisure but also to communicate with interesting and successful people, get useful acquaintances. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, avenue of Mikhail Nagibin, 30

Telephone number: 8(863)2687768

Web-site: vertolexpo.ru

Working hours: Monday-Friday, from 9.00 to 18.00. Some exhibitions work on days off as well. Information on working hours of a particular exhibition can be specified by telephone number mentioned above. 

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Rostov-on-Don zoo occupies the second position in country by the number of animals living in it and one of the top ones in Europe by the occupied area. 

 This is a favorite place of leisure and resting spot of citizens and guests of the south capital. A huge picturesque territory, shady alleys, cool ponds, and, of course, a variety of the animal world – all this is in Rostov-on-Don zoo. Communication with a wild life, well developed infrastructure, jolly attractions – it all guarantees to guests of Rostov-on-Don zoo pleasant emotions and bright impressions. 

Construction of enclosures without barriers started in 2015 allows to admire life of animals in the environment near to natural one. The zoo in Rostov-on-Don is a territory of peace and wild life in a big city. 


Address: Zoologicheskaya street, 3. 

Telephone number: 8(863)2328291

Web-site: zoopark-rostov.ru

Working hours: Daily without weekends, from 8.00 to 20.00. Cash office works till 18.00. 

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Cinema lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the number of Rostov-on-Don cinemas. And, now, the true lovers of a rich choice should visit the largest cinema complex of Rostov-on-Don – the "Bolshoi" cinema (means "Large" in Ru language). 

Halls for any taste are ready for their guests, from huge ones, where you want to share an emotions storm from watching absorbing «action» with hundreds of other people to small and cozy ones, where it is worth enjoying masterpieces of art house and X-rated cinema. Simultaneous show of a lot of movies in different halls is a credo of the cinema. Visitors do not need to wait for their movie – it probably starts just now in one of numerous movie halls. 

And, anyway, a visit to cinema center "Bolshoi" guarantees you a high image, sound quality and a pleasant service. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, Krasnoarmeiskaya street, 105. 

Telephone number: 8(863)2012828 the

Web-site: bolshoikino.ru

Working hours: on Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 02.00, on Saturday and Sunday from 09.30 to 02.00. 

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The Rostov cinema is a beautiful fusion of rich history and modernity. The place is confidently retaining the status of one of the most modern halls of the South of Russia. Besides, "Rostov" is known for a premiere show of many movies and long demonstration of especially popular films. So, if you did not watch a desirable film in time, it is quite possible to catch it in the main Rostov-on-Don cinema. And, of course, it is worth watching a widescreen movie just here.   

The Rostov cinema is the central and biggest screen of the city. That's why lovers of a big scale, willing to dip fully into the plot, to see a really big movie  are welcomed to "Rostov" cinema. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, Bolshaya Sadovaya street, 122. 

Telephone number: 8(863)2633275

Web-site: rostovkino.ru

Working hours: 10.00 — 00.00

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The cultural-sporting complex "Express" situated in the park of Vitya Cherevichkin is a famous multifunctional concert platform of Rostov-on-Don. A lion's share of international celebrities performances, big sport competitions and other spectacular events take place exactly here. CSC "Express" is especially famous for grand-scale sport combat tournaments. It is a place where one can make his evening in Rostov-on-Don unforgettable. 

 For those who want to feel Rostov's atmosphere of the last decades, park of Vitya Cherevichkin itself represents an interest. One of the oldest parks of the South capital changed little in post-Soviet time and it still keeps images of the epoch which was taken into the past forever. A huge wooden crocodile remembering the games of many generations of Rostov inhabitants remains a tough witness of the past. A touching place uncovering Rostov-on-Don with the unfamiliar side for many a man. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, Zakrutkin street, 67a.

Telephone number: 8(863)2595891, 8(863)2590293. 

Working hours: dates and time of events can be clarified by telephone numbers specified above. 

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If you ask the Rostov inhabitants, what is the most «Rostov-on-Don» place reflecting the colour of the South capital, you will hear – the Embankment. 

The Embankment of the Don river in Rostov-on-Don is rich with monuments of Don history and culture. Obligatory visit a silent witness of the past – the famous Paramonovskiye sklady/ Paramonov's warehouses. Street traders and shady alleys, floating restaurants and wharves, fishermen, pulling out fishes directly to pavement – all this colorful mosaic makes up an unforgettable Rostov-on-Don colour. 

We will separately note a pearl of the Rostov-on-Don Embankment– the light-melodious fountain "Petrovsky" which became a favorite sight of citizens just after creation.

And, of course, it is worth visiting the Don Embankment itself, the main water artery of the Russian steppe. A tender nickname – "Father Don" vividly expresses love of local people to it . 

So if you have only one spare evening to understand an image of the city – go to the Embankment.


Embankment of the Don river. 

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If you are a lover of club rest and youth parties, you will probably have a temptation to plunge into nightlife of Rostov-on-Don. And we should say this nightlife is rather saturated. "Myod" – the plushest night club of the Southern capital – will help to feel its taste in full. 

 And "Myod" actually is able to please its guests. Impressive sound and light, talented disc jockeys, a bar counter groaning under abundance and ocean of music are constant components of a party in the night club "Myod". Each highlight in the calendar is accompanied by a celebration, and imagination of ingenious promoters does not know any limit. 

An important fact is that night club "Myod" is known as a gravity place of the most good-looking girls of the city. Taking into consideration the fact that fame  about beauty of Rostov-on-Don women is widely known all over Russia, it becomes obvious that rest in the night club "Myod" promises a lot of pleasant moments to all lovers of beauty, fun and music. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, Krasnoarmeiskaya street, 157.

Telephone number: 8(863)2666302. 

Web-site: nightmed.ru

Working hours: Wednesday – Sunday, from 22.00 to 06.00. 

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Rostov-on-Don is not only administrative but also a cultural capital of the South of our country. Undoubtedly, the Rostov museum of fine arts is one of places which will be interesting to visit for a beauty lover. 

 Throughout its existence the museum situated in the very city centre remains a priceless storeroom preserving pictures of Don artists and carrying them to descendants. The exhibitions allow to trace history and development of fine art in the south of Russia, see its harmony with culture history of our country and all the world. 

Funds of the Rostov museum of fine arts include works of known fatherland artists: K. Brullov I. Repin I. Kramskoy V. Surikov I. Aivazovsky I. Levitan. A canvas of P.P. Rubens workshop adorns the foreign collection. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, Pushkinskaya street, 115, Chekhov lane, 60.

Telephone number: 8(863)2691088. 

Web-site: romii.ru

Working hours: Daily from 10.00 to 18.00, day off – Tuesday. A cash office: From 10.00 to 17.30. 

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The cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin is the main and biggest cathedral of Rostov-on-Don. Many Rostov inhabitants mistakenly call it the cathedral of Dmitry Rostovsky, apparently, due to the monument of St. Dmitry Rostovsky which is installed close, in the Cathedral square. The cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin built in the same style as the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow is perhaps the most beautiful sight of Rostov-on-Don.

Strongly suffered, halfway demolished in the Soviet period, this majestic architecture monument and the spiritual center was completely restored only in 1999. Now the parishioners can see the cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin in all its beauty. Many times it became a pilgrimage place of tens of thousands of believers attracted with shrines of orthodox Christianity from across Russia and the world.  

So if you are an orthodox Christian, the Rostov cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin is precisely that place in Rostov-on-Don which is worth being visited as a center of spiritual life of the South of Russia.


Address: Rostov-on-Don, Stanislavsky street, 58. 

Telephone number: 8(863)2402134. 

Web-site: sobor.rostoveparhia.ru

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In the very heart of Rostov-on-Don there is a corner of the good and joy - the Touching zoo. Here the children can be introduced to the nature by communication with our smaller brothers, and the adults can feel imperceptible inhale of the most wonderful time of life — childhood.  

Long ago the Touching zoo entered a list of favorite resting spots of Rostov inhabitants. What's the catch? А possibility not only to see both familiar and exotic beasts and birds, but also to communicate with them, feast with a delicacy and even to keep someone in hands and pat. "Feed and touch the animals" – this is a slogan of this resting spot for children and adults. The collection of animals living in the Touching zoo is wonderfully picked up and is constantly expanding. Therefore people keep visiting this surprising place. Especially, because it works for all year long so that even in winter the guests can plunge into summer atmosphere.  


Address: Rostov-on-Don, the Theatre square, 1. 

Telephone number: 8(863)2212477

Web-site: trogay.ru

Working hours: 10.00 - 20.00. Without breaks and weekends. 

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Equestrian sports and horse-racing are very popular in Rostov-on-Don. During decades Rostov-on-Don racecourse remains a favorite resting spot and leisure place of many Rostov inhabitants, it attracts guests from other regions and countries. And up to now this is the main mounted arena of the Northern Caucasus and South. 

Horse-racing is one of the most exciting shows which came to us from depth of centuries. The Don horse-racing traditions, high aesthetics of equestrian sports and beauty of lovely animals – the racecourse of Rostov-on-Don is the center of it all. Intrigue, passion, drive are only a brief list of feelings coming during a visit to this place. And, of course, without a visit to Rostov-on-Don racecourse it's hard to feel completely what city Rostov-on-Don is, to understand its tempo and character. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, Malyugina street, 233. 

Telephone number: 8(863)2923992, 89034734738

Web-site: rosippo.ru

Working hours: horse-racing is held every Sunday, from 12.00. In any weather. 

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Among the night Rostov-on-Don clubs "Baba Lyuba" is known as one of the oldest clubs with its history and unique atmosphere. Here one can easily meet the rock-and-roll and jazz style performers known in the city, for whom the night club "Baba Lyuba" became a habitual meeting place long ago.

Daily the scene of rock-and-roll "Baba Lyuba" club has life performances of music groups working in style of rock-and-roll, jazz, country, blues and improvising in these styles. Musicians from other regions are also frequent guests. 

The club founder is a connoisseur of world rock music Vitaly Khachkinayev who is famous beyond Russia borders and who is an anchor of "Rostov's radio" broadcast named "Bill`s choice",  beating all popularity ratings and earning for the channel leading places in all-Russian ratings. Often Vitaly personally participates in improvisations, presenting pleasant minutes of life music to high-quality rock devotees many of whom there are always in the "Baba Lyuba" club. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, Shaumyan street, 71.

Telephone number: 8(863)2698768, 89286243911. 

Web-site: baba-luba.ru

Working hours: Daily from 17.00 to 03.00. 

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If you are a supporter of active lifestyle, the Congress hall of the Don State technical University (DSTU) will become one of the most interesting places for you in the South capital. 

 This is the largest congress hall of Rostov-on-Don region and the largest concert hall of Rostov-on-Don. Nature of events taking place here is extraordinarily varied. Trainings and lectures, seminars and conferences, concerts and performances of KVN (comedy) groups. Here one can catch musicians and business world scale coaches, known politicians, and businessmen. Education and science, business and trade, health and sports, show business and policy - it's hard to imagine a sphere of public life which is  not represented in Congress hall of DSTU. 

 But whatever event you attend, at any time you will meet a high-quality professional light and sound 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, Gagarin's square 1,  congress hall. 

Telephone number: 88001001930, 8(863) 238-17-29

Web-site: dstu.edu.ru

Working hours: according to dates of events holding. The list of events can be learned on web-site or by telephone numbers specified above. 

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When we speak of Rostov-on-Don, the first thing we remember that this is the south city with its specificity and colour. 

But the Don capital can offer much interesting even to lovers of wintry rest and entertainment. One of the favorite wintry entertainments of Rostov inhabitants is ice-skating. 

Perhaps, the most famous indoor ice rink in Rostov-on-Don is Ledograd located in the park of Revolution. Annually thousands of residents and guests of the city visit the ice rink. A spacious ice field, quality service and comfortable inside temperature environment are turning skating in "Ledograde" into a pleasant and carefree rest. No wonder after having visited this rink someday, you will probably want to be back there again.


Address: Rostov-on-Don, park of Revolution, the Theatre square, 1. 

Telephone number: 8(863)221-67-07. 

Web-site: revolutionpark.ru

Working hours: Monday – Friday 10.30 — 22.00, Saturday – Sunday 9.00 — 22.00. 

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Long ago fast food McDonald's restaurants became a symbol of modern civilization. Many of us take them not only as a place of fast snack and a leader in fast food industry, but sometimes prefer simple McDonald's viands to home cooking. Well, of course, McDonald's always remains the familiar corner, the old good friend in any country of the world for its visitors. 

It is also easy to find the McDonald's restaurant in Rostov-on-Don. As in other cities, McDonald's in Rostov-on-Don chooses the most visited places for location of its restaurants. And so, having become a guest of the Southern capital, you will find a familiar restaurant without difficulty and enjoy usual dishes and a steady service. 


Pushkin street, 104/32
8 (863) 261-85-96
Open till 1:00.

 Malinovsky street, 84
8 (863) 220-92-75
Open till 0:00.

 Malinovsky street, 25
8 (863) 204-06-26
Open till 22:00

Kosmonavtov avenue 6/2
 (863) 274-30-92
Open till 0:00

Zorge street, 33
8 (863) 300-94-68
Open till 4:00

Bolshaya Sadovaya street 46
8 (863) 240-75-81
Open till 0:00

 Mikhail Nagibin avenue, 32/2
 (863) 272-54-67
Open till 22:00

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The Don region is rich in its history. Ancient Greece colonies and Scythian barrows, the Great move of peoples and medieval Italian settlements, the rise of Golden Horde and grandiose battles of the Great Patriotic War –  the Don ground became a witness all of it. 

And, of course, the region of the Wild field is a cradle of Cossacks. One of the most unique phenomena of world history emerged precisely here and went through its rise – a troop state. Subsequently, having switched into service to the Moscow kingdom, the Cossacks made a grandiose contribution by its significance to the state of Russian people turning into the greatest empire in all the human history. 

You will be able to touch history and feel spirit of times by visiting the Rostov Regional Museum of Local History. The main Don museum is famous for the wealthiest funds and most interesting exhibitions. Rostov Regional Museum of Local History is really a treasury for those who love history and who is proud of our great country. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, Bolshaya Sadovaya street, 79. 

Telephone number: 8(863)2637111. 

Web-site: rostovmuseum.ru

Working hours: Daily, besides Monday, from 10.00 to18.00.

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The lovers of cultural leisure will get a lot of pleasant impressions from a visit to the Rostov academic drama theatre of Maxim Gorky. This is the main and most known theatre in Rostov-on-Don, flagship of dramatics of all the South of Russia. 

The building of Gorky's Theatre is a treasure of Soviet architecture, a vivid example of constructivist style; it is made in shape of a caterpillar tractor. By the way, in London museum of architecture Russia is represented by only two models - Saint Basil's Cathedral and Rostov-on-Don academic drama theatre of Maxim Gorky.  

The repertoire was awarded a lot of regalia at all-Russian and international festivals. A visit to the temple of Melpomene of the Southern capital will allow to plunge into an atmosphere of high culture, become wealthier intellectually and spiritually. 


Address: Rostov-on-Don, the Theatre square, 1. 

Telephone number: 8(863)2633613 - cash offices. 

Web-site: rostovteatr.ru

Working hours: 10.00-18.30. Without breaks and weekends. 

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For those, who link a rest concept with good music and they are not alien to aesthetics, a visit to Rostov-on-Don will be connected with attendance to the Rostov-on-Don State Philharmonic.

The regional Philharmonic is original Mecca for Rostov-on-Don music lovers. Everything here is filled with grandeur of music raising and clearing a human soul. The creative groups of the Rostov-on-Don Regional Philharmonic received recognition and affection of music lovers in our country, as well as abroad. The repertoire of the establishment includes symphony, jazz, wind instrument programmes, ethnic and chamber music performances. Regularly groups from abroad and other cities of Russia perform on the Rostov-on-Don stage. 

So if you wish to give a touch to musical history of the Don capital - welcome to the Rostov-on-Don State Philharmonic.


Address: Rostov-on-Don, Bolshaya Sadovaya street, 170. 

Telephone number: 8(863)2633569 is tills. 

Web-site: rostovfilarm.ru

Working hours: 10.00 — 18.00. Daily. 

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+7 (863) 333 20 10
+7 (918) 554 66 22


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